Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring in Appleton, WI

The only way you are never going to have something spilled on your flooring is not to allow anyone into your rooms -- ever. Unless you’re willing to take this drastic step, and we don’t think you are, then it’s time to accept that into each life some liquid will fall -- on your floors. We respectfully suggest that you would do well to consider waterproof flooring in Appleton, WI. Our staff at D&M Interiors Inc. has experience with all types of flooring, and we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service to our clients.

An Array of Styles for any Room 

New flooring has an explosive way of adding a blast of new life into a room. It transfigures the area while standing out for its newness and tying the room together at the same time. One way this phenomenon is made better is by selecting flooring which protects as well as beautifies. Get this protection by choosing from among the many outstanding waterproof flooring options at D&M Interiors Inc.

The styles of flooring which fit this bill are vast and varied. There is a type that blends well into whatever room you are considering for an update. If you are thinking of an area that sees lots of drips and splashes, such as a bathroom, then vinyl flooring would be the way to go. It’s very durable, easy to clean, and is available in an array of styles to blend into any décor.

Let’s say you are in the market to renovate your basement rec room and know that it’s going to be the scene of many happy get-togethers and parties. Let’s also say you know that the old saying: “A party isn’t a party until someone spills their drink” will likely apply in this case. Choose laminate flooring or another waterproof flooring to ensure those happy times don’t dampen your spirits as they dampen your floor.

Laying it Down

Apart from its physical appearance, the true beauty of a floor that repels, and resists water is the fact that it protects the subfloor. You don’t want to deal with a liquid that has penetrated through the main flooring. If that happens, your subfloor can suffer from water damage and begin to grow mold, or even in extreme cases, begin to rot. These are not scenarios you wish to entertain in your home or business. Don’t entertain them, instead, call on our team for all your waterproof flooring installation needs.

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