Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring: Attractive Longevity for Your Home

Laminate Flooring in Appleton, WI

When you want durable and attractive flooring, our laminate flooring selection at D&M Interiors is the perfect solution for you. Thanks to a design layer in its makeup, laminate flooring can emulate the appearance of natural stone or hardwood. That means you can save money by installing our budget-friendly laminate flooring while getting the high-end look you want for your property. Visit our showroom in Appleton, WI,  today to chat with an in-house design specialist, or browse our online catalog to get started!

Active households require flooring that protects against wear and tear while being aesthetically appealing. Laminate flooring is a beautiful enhancement for any property, without the cost and maintenance of more pricey flooring products. Whether you want the look of oak hardwood or marble tile, a laminate flooring installation from our professionals will give you a high-class look you want with the durability and price you need. 

Laminate flooring in a dining room.

What Types of Laminate Do You Carry?

Laminate flooring is created with either a direct or high-pressure process to give your home charm and durability. The high-pressure method fuses individual layers for increased density. This is a popular method for commercial properties that expect a lot of foot traffic. On the other hand, the direct-pressure method produces standard laminate alternatives for homes and common spaces. 

Laminate differs from other flooring types of the four layers that make up the finished product. The base and core layers, which provide density for withstanding foot traffic and placement over the subfloor, are the first to be installed. Next, using modern technology, any replica image can be applied to the decorative layer. Finally, the wear layer protects the picture and the rest of the floor from stains and damage. Learn more about our laminate flooring selection:

  • Laminate Wood Flooring: If you dream of beautiful oak floors but your lifestyle and budget are incompatible, wood laminate flooring is the perfect substitute. This flooring combines the look and feel of natural wood with all the benefits of laminate flooring. 
  • Laminate Tile Flooring: While traditional tile flooring is an elegant addition to any project, many customers find tile laminate flooring better meets their budget and functional needs. Tile laminate is a popular choice for bathrooms, offering the tile aesthetic with a waterproof & scratch-proof seal.

Laminate’s Many Benefits

The benefits of laminate flooring are nearly endless. Laminate has become a favorite for active households as an impressive and convincing alternative to high-end floorings such as hardwood and tile. We only carry laminate flooring from the best brands and manufacturers in the industry, so you don’t have to worry. These brands include Mohawk, Mannington, Shaw Floors, Floorcraft, and more. Our top-quality laminate flooring is because it is:

  • Manufactured to be highly durable and resilient.
  • Hygienic and easy to keep clean.
  • Realistically mimics hardwood and tile.
  • Scratch and water-resistant.
  • Affordable and less expensive than its traditional alternatives.
  • Comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Maintaining Laminate Floors

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, a laminate floor is quick and easy. Most spills and messes can be easily wiped away with a damp mop or cloth. Give your laminate floor a quick sweep or vacuum if you notice any dirt or debris building up. It’s as simple as that - no special polishes, waxes, or expensive products necessary when you invest in this hassle-free flooring. Easily protect your flooring, so it lasts for years. You can also keep your laminate in pristine condition with these helpful tips:

  • Wipe up spills as soon as they occur. 
  • Place a mat at the front and back doors to collect dirt 
  • Use floor protectors under the legs of couches, tables, and chairs to ease the weight.
  • Pick up furniture that needs to be moved, instead of sliding it across the floor.
  • Make sure your pets’ nails are trimmed.

Laminate flooring in a bedroom.

Professional Laminate Installation

You just found and purchased your favorite laminate floors Now, who’s going to install it? Instead of spending the time and resources looking for a qualified installer, take advantage of our professional laminate flooring installation service. Our flooring contractors have the skills and experience to properly install laminate floors in your home. In addition, we guarantee the quality of our products and services. If you are unhappy with your new floors for any reason, just call us within 30 days of your installation. We’ll replace it with flooring of equal value. That is our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee! Enjoy fast, affordable, professional flooring installation that ensures your complete satisfaction. 

Contact us to learn more about our laminate flooring selection and installation services. We serve customers in Appleton, Menasha, Neenah, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, WI, and the surrounding areas.


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