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Are you shopping for a flooring upgrade? Invest in the future of your home or office with new carpet flooring. Our reputable flooring store ensures the long-term value of your purchase and guarantees manufacturer’s warranties with carpet installation from our professionals. D&M Interiors specializes in flooring sales and installation of carpet for both home and business owners.                                  

We have been providing flooring in the area for nearly 40 years. Our team of carpet installers has more than 250 years of combined experience! Our carpet removal and installation services are second to none in perfection, workmanship, and timeliness.

Benefits of  Professional Services for Carpet Removal & Install

When you choose professional carpet installation, you are protecting your investment. It is not worth sacrificing your manufacturer’s warranty or compromising the integrity of your flooring with improper installation. Some of the benefits of hiring our professionals to do the job for you include:

  • Guaranteeing that your flooring is properly removed and disposed of. The materials that can be recycled will be taken care of and the old carpet will be thrown away properly.
  • Moving furniture for you, so you are protected from damaging yourself or any of your furniture or possessions.
  • Floor preparation, such as cleaning dust and dirt that may be on the subflooring.
  • Proper assessment of the condition of the subflooring. An inexperienced installer may put carpeting over bad subflooring and cause expensive issues in the future.
  • Molding removal and reattachment during installation if it is necessary for the room.
  • We have the right materials and tools for carpet installation. Carpeting gets stretched the right way without leaving creases in your room.
  • Proper trimming of the carpet and gluing of seams.
  • Preservation of manufacturer’s warranty because of proper installation

Lifetime Guarantee on Carpet Installation in Appleton WI

Our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee covers both flooring purchases and installations. When you choose our team of professionals for a carpet install, you get a lifetime installation guarantee. If you have an installation issue, we will repair it at our expense for the lifetime of your flooring. For 30 days or more after installation, if you are not pleased with your flooring, no matter the reason, our installers will replace it.

Our experience shows that do-it-yourself carpet installation can result in damaging and costly mistakes. When you are dealing with lining up seams and getting rid of excess carpet, we highly recommend you receive guaranteed service. Protect this investment in your home with a guaranteed installation!

Schedule Professional Carpet Installation with Your Purchase

If you have chosen the perfect combination of carpet colors and textures for your home, trust our team to ensure it looks just the way you imagine it should. Our locally-owned flooring store first opened its doors in 1976. As members of the Appleton community, we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our professional installers complete timely work—including carpet removal—with minimal disruption to your daily life. In addition, we employ a full-time scheduling coordinator to oversee our certified installers. Our fair pricing and unmatched installation guarantee has made our flooring store the go-to location for carpet purchases and installation. If you have made a carpeting purchase, schedule your carpet installation today. Our team will complete the carpet install on your schedule. For more information, give us a call at <PHONE>.